martini bar
who we are

with great dedication to innovative design, quality materials, and a collaborative creative process for over 10 years, factory 1 design has quietly emerged as one of the most cutting-edge custom design/build studios on the west coast. working out of an industrial space in san francisco's mission district and onsite, partners kelly scott hill and larisa pedroncelli fuse their collective backgrounds in architecture, fine arts, and interface design to create functionally and spatially integrated furniture and architectural elements that celebrate bespoke craft within larger expressions of form.

what we do

from individual pieces of furniture to full scale installations, we design and build everything.

the collaborative nature of our work allows us to be adaptable to personal needs and aesthetics, spatial parameters, and environmental conditions. our work ranges from handcrafting custom elements to large-scale design/build to project management. we take a lot of care not only in selecting diverse materials that are sustainable, innovative and locally sourced, but in honoring and integrating the form and character of existing environments. our localized and flexible approach is rooted in the belief that each place in the built environment has its own unique microcosm, and by building relationships and working cooperatively with clients and their spaces we can create the greatest synergy and flow between nature, design, materials, and people.

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